Something is not right when as a provider of ERC (Employee Retention Credit) tax preparation services you are solicited by scammers telling you that you are "Pre-approved" by them!

Jordan Anderson and I have been providing ERC services for the past two years. The incredibly fast growing list of scam ERC firms and their referral partners soliciting business owners is palpable. If you are a business owner who has received a voicemail like this:

Voicemail 2364

you probably already realize you should delete it. This is Kelly Miller from some random ERC company and she left me a voicemail filled with nothing but lies and misinformation. Here is a transcript of what she says:

Hi, It's Kelly Miller with A and G approval department. It's thursday the 19th. And I'm not sure if you've spoken to an assigned agent yet regarding your company's employee refund credits. But I do see here, your company's refund is pre qualified for up to $26,000 per employee. So if you could just please be sure to give me a call back, my number is (844) 471 0200. I'm going to give you a reference number. If you could have that handy for when you call back, that would make things easier for us. Your reference number is 1055. Thank you.

This solicitation is a complete fabrication and a misrepresentation of the ERC. The ERC is a government program open to all qualified employers. No company determines your qualification, but instead your eligiblity is determined by the rules set forth by the IRS. A company like ERT Credit simply interprets these rules in a concervative manner to determine if your company is eligible to file the ERC. No private company can pre-qualify any business. The ERC is not a loan like the PPP; and there are no banks or intermediaries.

Reputable ERC providers do not do any outbound marketing or solicitation. They are recommended by your accountants, attorneys or financial advisors. Furthermore, regardless of who you choose to help you file the ERC, make sure they provide you with audit protections that are built into their service. Should the IRS come knocking a few years down the road, make sure the firm will be able to support your response and actively participates on the front end of any IRS notices.

The ERC is a highly lucrative credit for businesses with 5 or more employees. If you meet the IRS eligbility criteria, you should file and take advantage of the credit. We will be happy to help you determine your eligiblity for the ERC at no cost.